Cersei Heart

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*While some stones require more care in handling than others, all genuine gemstones have the potential to react poorly to heat. Proceed with caution when using heat sterilizers, ultrasonic cleaners, and steamers.

*Base price does not include stone costs

White gold Cersei settings contain nickel.

Clients heart daith piercings, and now their jewelry can heart them back!

This charming design would love to nestle into your client’s ear, whispering sweet nothings all day long. A seemingly endless row of gemstones adds a splash of glamour to an already elegant piece.

Enjoy this product in yellow, rose, or white gold – white gold setting contains nickel, all portions of the jewelery that are intended to pass through the piercing channel are nickel free.

* All stone prices are estimates and are subject to change without notice.

*diameter may vary by +/-0.2mm

*Our prices are synced with the spot prices of gold, due to this our jewelry prices will vary according to the current gold market.