Ordering Information

Retailer Policies

All retailers of Alchemy Adornment agree to abide by the outlined retailer policies sent upon creation of your account. Any retailers found to be in violation of these policies will be placed under review and may be subject to account closure. Our policies can be found under your Account tab when logged in.

Shipping Policy

Alchemy Adornment offers two shipping methods for our retailers:
Insured packages are sent express through FedEx.

Uninsured packages are sent through Canada Post, FedEx, or DHL depending on client location.

To organize shipping with a different carrier, please contact us to discuss options.

Alchemy Adornment will not accept any liability or responsibility for packages that are lost in transit or damaged due to improper shipping or handling for any packages that are sent to or from our studio without insurance. Any jewellery lost in transit or damaged due to improper shipping or handling does not fall under our manufacturing guarantee and must be re-ordered and purchased at current market value.

Any packages that are fully insured and are lost in transit or damaged due to improper shipping or handling will be credited or replaced at the discretion of Alchemy Adornment, and with cooperation from the shipping provider.


All ordering is to be done through our website. We are exclusively a wholesale jewellery company, and do not offer pricing or retail sales to the general public.

Estimated Delivery Times

Packages are only shipped once a complete payment is made for the order. Delivery times are estimates provided from your chosen shipping method and provider based on the date we give you a quote. Late payment may result in shipping costs changing and/or delivery estimates being altered.


All packages are sent fully trackable and with a signature requirement, for your peace of mind in receiving your package in a safe, correct manner. If for any reason you require other special considerations (ie. “card for pickup” with Canada Post), please make sure to inform us right away.

Customs and Duties

Our packages are subject to customs fees based on the tariffs for gold jewellery findings for your location. Our packages fall under the CUSMA trade agreement, and studios within the territories of this agreement should not be subject to duty fees on our packages. If your package arrives with duties charged, you will need to contact the shipping provider to rectify this charge or be reimbursed. We send each package with triplicate copies of the appropriate customs forms, which are also submitted electronically at the time of shipment.

For studios outside of Canada, Mexico, and the United States, duties are charged according to the laws and agreements of the importing country.


We require all tax identification numbers for your business to have a smooth shipping and receiving process.

For Canadian clients, we charge the standard provincial taxes on all orders. For international clients, we do not charge any taxes, and as such you will be required to pay the appropriate taxes owed for your location during the importation process.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, E-transfer, and Wire Transfer. For other payment methods, please contact us directly to discuss options.

Production Times

All of our jewellery is made to order, excluding what is listed in our Ready to Ship section. Our current production time estimates can be found on your Cart page, or by contacting us directly.

Return Policy

All pieces made by Alchemy Adornment are guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects for life.

All returns must be submitted through our repair/return form, following the specific preparation and shipping instructions as listed, and be submitted by a piercing studio and not the end client.

Damage caused by improper use, mishandling, or intentional damage is not covered by our guarantee. For our full return policy, please see sections 7 and 8 of our retailer policies.