Quality and craftsmanship in every piece that passes through our hands to yours.

Based out of Vancouver Island, BC, Alchemy Adornment is a premier Canadian jewelry manufacturer that handcrafts unique, standout gold body jewelry for piercing lovers around the world. Fusing timeless goldsmithing techniques with ethically sourced materials, we provide the world with meaningful body piercing jewelry that defies the norm, embraces the extraordinary, and celebrates diversity.

​​Founded in 2010, Alchemy Adornment has flourished from a local backyard studio to a global jewelry supplier that has its collections worn and embraced worldwide. In 2019, our vision was elevated under the creative leadership of Kasi Macgregor. With over a decade of piercing experience, Kasi guides our designs through hands-on collaboration with our in-house jewelers to meet the specific needs of the piercing industry. To help our retailers and their clients feel secure in their purchases, we have a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects on every piece of our body and facial jewelry.

As a queer, woman-owned business, we pride ourselves on providing a respectful workplace for all people to express their true selves. While our team may be small, the passion and commitment we share for our jewelry, staff, and clients is transforming and empowering.

We believe in promoting sustainable and conflict-free practices in every aspect of our business. Upholding our standards starts with our suppliers, who are carefully selected based on their quality and ethical business practices. All our genuine diamonds adhere to the Kimberley Process, and our sustainably crafted pieces are handcrafted from 100% recycled gold.

Our Mission
To design and create outstanding Canadian jewelry that is adored throughout the world, while supporting and uplifting our staff and their futures.
Our Vision
To support and promote safe and ethical retailers to make a positive and lasting impact on the body piercing jewelry industry.
Our Values

Maintaining an inclusive, welcoming, and safe workplace that supports our staff both personally and professionally.


Promoting collaborative teamwork that focuses on empathetic and compassionate communication.


Encouraging continued education, training, and development that nurtures personal growth and development.


Extending our values, ethics, and commitment to excellence to our products, suppliers, retailers, and industry partners.